Auditions for The Tell-Tale Farce


By Don Zolidis
Production Dates: March 1 - 16, 2019
Approximate Running Time: 120 minutes

SYNOPSIS: The Tell-Tale Farce is a comedy of errors.  Richard Muffinbridge is madly in love with Sarah Dowling, the niece of a wealthy widow, and in his desperate attempt to be with her he pretends to be Edgar Allen Poe. Unfortunately, Abigail Dowling, the widow's granddaughter, is not happy with her fiance's lack of.... everything and has concluded that she is in love with the dark and desirable Edgar Allen Poe. The home is also frequented by Rufus Griswold a competing poet who also desires to marry Sarah. Chaos and confusion quickly builds as the Dowling home is filled with shenanigans.


EDGAR (AKA RICHARD MUFFINBRIDGE): Male, a 30-something mailman pretending to be Edgar Allan Poe wearing a fake mustache, in love with Sarah.

POE: Male, The Real Edgar Allan Poe, late 30s, fresh off the success of “The Raven”, mild-mannered with mustache.

RUFUS GRISWOLD: Male, late 30s, a poet, a rude and pompous jerk, engaged to Sarah, has a mustache.

HENRY WHITFORD: Male, 20s, very naive in the ways of love, engaged to Abigail, no mustache.

MARY O’DONNELL: Female, Any Age, the Irish chambermaid, intent on getting into the shenanigans.

HELENA DOWLING: Female, Early 60s, widowed, head of the family, hard of hearing.

SARAH DOWLING: Female, 30s, niece to Helena, considered a spinster, doesn’t love Rufus.

ABIGAIL DOWLING: Female, 18, grand-daughter of Helena, wants a wild romance as Henry is unexciting.

BRINSLEY: Male, Any Age, household butler, intent on upholding morality and propriety.


All auditions are from 7-9pm at Memorial Hall
5 Towers Rd. Essex Jct., VT 05452

Monday, December 3
Tuesday, December 4
Wednesday, December 5